If you have never tried buying dresses online, then it is time for you to give it a try. Online shopping is not only easy and convenient but can also save you money and time. With the wide reach of the internet, you could get yourself something that is miles and miles away delivered to your door with just a click. Before you get started here is a simple guide to help you out.

How to buy

Measure yourselfstrdktgjzfxgjghbj

To ensure that you do not end up with a dress that is too wide or too small, start by measuring yourself. Get a measuring tape and get your bust, waist and hip size measurements. Bust and hip measurements are done at the widest part while the waist should be at the narrowest part.

Narrow down your search

Before you start clicking and shopping, narrow down what you want or need to avoid getting overwhelmed by choices. After you know what you need, use the site filters and sorting options to get the products you want instead of the hustle of going through hundreds of dresses.

Reviews and ratings

Before you buy something, make sure to do some background research on it. Since you cannot see the dress or try it on as you would in a store, the best way to do this is by reading all the customer reviews and check the online ratings. This feedback will not only help you know how the dress fits, the quality of the material, whether the color runs during a wash, etc. Make a point of reading both positive and negative reviews to help you get an overall view.

Refund and return policies

trjfhjhexgcgvybjhghAlways make a point of checking the refund and return policies on your dress before finalizing on the purchase. A quick read will give you the general overview of rules, policies and procedures followed in the event of damage or return. Make sure you know whether there is restocking fee or whether the company will pay for the cost of returning the dress in case it arrives damaged. Be careful of sites that have a no return policy.

Hidden costs

Be wary of any hidden costs. Before you buy, be sure to check any charges that might add to the total cost. Check whether the company charges any postage and delivery fees as well as if there any customs charges in case you are buying a dress from outside the country.